A way to remove ransomware without paying

"No More Ransom" is a joint initiative by Europol, the Dutch police, Kaspersky and McAfee to help people who've been compromised by ransomware get their data back without paying off criminals.

The main aim of the project is to share knowledge and educate users across the world on how to prevent ransomware attacks. "No More Ransom" believe that it will eventually lead to support for repairing the damage caused to victims all around the globe. By restoring access to their systems, "No More Ransom" empower users by showing them they can take action and avoid rewarding criminals with a ransom payment.

In its initial stage, the portal contains a four decryption tools for different types of malware. All tools available on the website are free, and they will work for any user infected with the threat mentioned at the website - regardless of where they are located in the world.

Visit the website at www.nomoreransom.org