Bizoneo founder talks to ProPrivacy

In a ProPrivacy podcast "the GDPR series", Bizoneo founder Claude Saulnier talks to Philipa Jane Farley about the journey to the making of Bizoneo.

You listen to the chat on the ProPrivacy website

In the podcast, Claude shares his journey into data protection and the creation of Bizoneo™, which highlights his approach to inventory as the start of risk and data management.  In the context of a client facing malicious emails sent out of their system, we discuss the absolute necessity of ensuring the applications you use provide you with the information you need in the form of logs and audit trails when you're dealing with such incidences and data breaches, especially when you need to report back to your supervisory authorities. Claude's wisdom includes: prevention is better than cure, input the data once and use it many times in different contexts, and consider the actual cost in time, money and efficiency when you're using your collection of 'free' applications.

ProPrivacy is a data-protection consultancy service company and a Bizoneo Channel Partner and you can book a demo through ProPrivacy here.