Bizoneo releases security and privacy scanning website

May 25th, 2023. Press release for immediate release

Bizoneo is releasing Bizoscore, an innovative security and privacy website scanner. The approach is unique as it is the first service of its kind to combine both in one report.

The aim of is to assist business owners and data protection officers in assessing their websites against data protection law such as the GDPR. 

Bizoscore analyses the website as a visitor would, without interaction, and scores it accordingly against several security and privacy control points. It then generates a report using an easy-to-understand scoring system ranging from A (good) to E (poor). Most people are familiar with the Building Energy Rating (BER) system and Bizoscore offers a similar type of reporting.

Bizoscore offers three reports

  • a free grade for Security and one for Privacy following the scan of the website.
  • a summary report
  • a detailed report with the list of issues found

while additional services may be available directly or throughout Bizoneo's network of Channel Partners.

The initiative aims to address several problems

  1. People who visit websites are tracked. Even when they refuse to be tracked, they are, as many consent management platforms (e.g. cookie banners) are misconfigured
  2. Personal data leaves the EU without appropriate safeguards.
  3. Websites putting people's personal data at risk due to their insecurity
  4. Unfair competition as those who haven't invested wisely to comply with the GDPR have an unfair advantage over those that did
  5. Data protection officers that lack the technical expertise to review their organisations

History shows that risk prevention is easier and cheaper than treating an issue after it has occurred. The reports will assist data protection and security teams in documenting their processing landscape prior to mitigation.

While testing the platform, the Bizoneo team found some staggering facts:

  • Law firms: 119 scanned with an average aggregated security of 47% and average aggregated privacy of 21%
  • Recruitment agencies: 46 scanned with an average aggregated security of 44% and average aggregated privacy of 15%

Other benchmarks are in progress for other industries such as healthcare and financial institutions.

The release also marks the fifth anniversary of the GDPR. With the limited budget allocated to data protection supervisory authorities to monitor compliance, we hope Bizoscore's modest effort will contribute to building a safer digital world.

Bizoscore will be integrated to Bizoneo's Vendor Management module part of its Governance, Risk and Compliance platform, to ease supplier due diligence. 

As the rest of the solutions Bizoneo offers to its clients, Bizsocore is fully designed, developed and hosted in the EU. Bizoneo worked with a number of partners in Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Portugal and the UK to help refine the scope and reports and prepare for distribution in these jurisdictions.

You can use the service on the dedicated website


Bizoneo is an Irish based software solution helping organisations to demonstrate compliance with data protection laws such as the GDPR.

Bizoneo is based in Dublin, with clients in the EU, UK & South Africa.

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