GDPR Wisdom Meetup Dublin (Ireland)

We're happy to announce the start of a GDPR Wisdom Meetup in Dubiin on Feb 26th at 6pm in partnership with Fumbally Exchange who kindly hosts the evening.

It's free to attend, but we'd like "GDPR Jedis1" to join through the Meetup page. We will not mail you or gather any unnecessary information.

The aim is to exchange GDPR tips and good practice amongst members.

We'll kick-off with a short and clear 15 minutes introduction to the regulation (yes, it's possible), then split people into groups with a mix of experiences.

We have a positive attitude towards GDPR as we believe it's a fabulous opportunity for businesses to demonstrate they care about their clients data.

You are invited to bring a mask for a group photo (we'd like to have a souvenir photo but don't want to deal with consent and the right to be forgotten, so the mask is the easiest we could find to meet the criteria) and as we haven't audited the Meetup platform for GDPR compliance, you can use whatver name you wish if concerned about privacy.

We will exchange best practice to handle certain circumstances, but the meetup will not give you legal advice for obvious resaons.

(1) 25th May will mark the 41st anniversary of the first Star Wars movie, same date as the GDPR will come into enforcement.