Bizoneo is House of Ethics July's Pick of the Month

We're honoured to be featured as House of Ethics -Pick of the Month- for the month of July 2023.

House of Ethics highlights alternative solutions to the overruling big tech rollers, and share the excellence of small and mid-sized companies led by ingenious and hardworking industry experts. #Bizoneo is that kind of breed.

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The House of Ethics is an exchange platform around ethical topics in the business world. The authors come from all over the world and work in any sectors. They are CEOs, executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, researchers, all committed to ethics.

The idea of the House of Ethics came from Katja Rausch's career of more than 25 years in new technologies (Paris, New York, Luxembourg), almost 15 years in teaching Information Systems and Data Ethics at the highest level (Sorbonne, Paris School of Business, diverse Universities) and being a consultant for numerous national and international companies.

Besides being an information hub, the House of Ethics is also a booking platform for Speakers on ethical topics.

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