Launch of Bizoneo Professional Services

Three to five years after the GDPR (2016 - 2018) it is recognised that many organisations are struggling with a number of specific requirements of the GDPR.

While our clients are enjoying the convenience the Bizoneo solution offers, our team has helped many organisations that needed the outcome, but had limited resources to gather the information.

Based on this experience, Bizoneo is now launching a series of new services. An experienced team backed by a state of the art solution that your team can access to view the progress in all transparency.

Why choose the Bizoneo Professional Services team?

  • Thirty years experience handling data protection related projects
  • In-depth understanding of the requirements of the EU GDPR and POPIA
  • Full transparency through the Bizoneo solution
  • We work under non-disclosure agreements

Who do we work with?

  • Software companies that want to ensure their solution will not jeopardise GDPR compliance.
  • Web platforms that want to ensure their websites don't break EU law.
  • Data protection officers that need assistance at compliance and/or technical levels 
  • Data controllers that want to ensure their processes comply with the GDPR
  • Data processors that want to ensure their processes comply with the data processing agreements signed with data controllers