Prevent Google from tracking all your movements

Following the recent revelations from Associated Press demonstrating that Google keeps on tracking your moves even when you have disabled tracking, here are a few steps that should stop the tracking.

Before you start

If you are still using Chrome (a Google product), switch to Vivaldi (PC). On Android, Opera, although not perfect has some privacy functionality built-in.

Step by step guidance

Using the private mode of your browser, go to 

Go to "Manage your Google activity"

Disable google step 1

your google account

Disable google tracking  step 2

Turn-off "Web & App Activity"

Disable google tracking  step 3

Turn-off "Location history"

Disable google tracking  step 4

Turn-off "device information"

Disable google tracking  step 5

Turn-off "Voice & Audio Activity"

Disable google tracking  step 6

Turn-off "YouTube Search History"

Disable google tracking  step 7

Turn-off "YouTube Watch History"

Disable google tracking  step 8

And hope that this time, Google is telling the truth...

Additional thoughts

If like many people you have to use an Android device, because, let's face it, they are likely to be cheaper that Apple's, why not register your device using a new Google account?

There is a lot to do to disable Google Apps on android, but with a bit of patience, you can find alternatives that are more respectful of privacy.

While you are here

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