Asset Register

GDPR - EUIDPR: Legislations and regulations such as the GDPR and the EUIDPR require that relevant organsiations maintain records of your processing activities (GDPR Article 30 - EUIDPR Article 31). Our asset register form part of this and is the basis to assess technical risks associated to the use of such assets.

ISMS-PIMS: Can be implemented as a control (ISO27001 A.8.1.1).

IT staff in particular will benefit from the rich functionality while IT Management and the Data Protection Officer will be better equipped to tighten security and set measures for the protection of data within the organisation.

Key features


  • Inventory of digital assets (hardware, software, cloud services etc.) handled by the organisation;
  • Staff allocation
  • Audit trail of changes such as hard-drive encryption or hard-drive disposal.
  • Country & building location;
  • Handles purchased and leased assets;


  • Ability to run full audits of IT environments;
  • Building location to ease audits;
  • Ability to create and use your own internal audit questionnaires

Maintenance contracts

  • Ability to link each asset to the relevant maintenance contracts
  • Ability to monitor end of lease;

Data processing activity

  • All digital assets are available to complete the records of processing activity
  • Contracts
  • Contract reviews
  • Ability to create and use your own data-processor audit questionnaires (Professional and Ultimate only)

Management of digital assets on behalf of data-controllers 

  • Allows data-processors to fulfil their data protection obligations
  • Ability to tag own and client owned digital assets
  • Easy access to vulnerability database

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