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Compliance Solutions

EU Data Protection, Privacy & Resilience

Solutions to assist your organisation in demonstrating its compliance with European Data Protection legislations (DORA, NIS2, EU GDPR, EUIDPR).

DORA for Financial Entities GDPR for Organisations GDPR for Consultants Data Protection for EU Institutions


Comprehensive solutions for the implementation and management of ISMS (Information Security Management System) and PIMS (Privacy Information Management System).

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Data Protection Worldwide

Solutions to assist your organisation in demonstrating its compliance with Privacy and Data Protection around the world.

Key modules of our compliance solutions

Register of Processing Activities

Legislations and regulations such as the GDPR and the EUIDPR require organisations to maintain records of your processing activities (GDPR Article 30 - EUIDPR Article 31). Beyond the mandatory nature of the records of processing activities, the rationale is that the understanding of the data flows allows the justification of data processing.

Vendor management

The relationship between data controllers and data processors must be formalised through data processing agreements at the very least. Bizoneo vendor management stores the required documentation and can send assessment questions to your vendors.

Data Subject Access Requests

People have the ability to exercise a number of rights from organisations processing their personal data. Organisations must respect these rights or be able to justify to a data protection supervisory authority any restrictions. Bizoneo includes a dedicated register of data subject access requests that ease the demonstration of how organisations have handled the requests..

Asset register

IT staff in particular will benefit from the rich functionality while IT Management and the Data Protection Officer will be better equipped to confirm appropriate technical and organisational measures are implemented for the protection of data within the organisation.

Risk register

Under data protection law, there are several types of risks to consider that may impact the rights and freedoms of individuals. Regarding information security, the assessment and treatment of risks is the core of every ISMS & PIMS. The Bizoneo Risk Register can be used to conduct a risk assessment and treatment process which is conform to the requirements of ISO27001 Clause 6.1.


Management systems related to information security and data protection focus on the management of risks. To modify and reduce risks, most standards require you to implement controls. Bizoneo includes the functionality to manage your controls with full integration into the platform.