Providing solutions to assist DORA accountability

We provide scalable, easy-to-use and comprehensive solutions to assist Financial Entities in demonstrating their compliance with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) (2022/2554).

DORA applies to a wide range of financial entities regulated by Central Banks. For the first time, DORA brings together provisions addressing digital operational risk in the financial sector in a consistent manner in one single legislative act. 

Bizoneo is designed to ease the collaboration within the organisation. Implementing Bizoneo means that data protection becomes business as usual from the minute your organisation starts using it.

Organisations that care about data protection must take these actions:

Be Proactive... be compliant

  • Document the data processed;
  • Evaluate the risks associated;
  • Mitigate risks;
Records of Processing Digital Asset Register Policy & Document Management Risk Assessment 

Be Organised... handle routine tasks

  • Contracts & data processing agreements;
  • Policy reviews & staff training;
  • Data disposal;
Programme Management Agreements & Contracts Training Management Data Disposal Register Reference Material

Be Ready...

...for the unexpected

  • Handle incidents and data breaches;
  • Handle requests from the regulator;
  • Handle regulator audits;
Incident and Breach Reporting Performance evaluation Register of non-conformities



We help you with 

  • Demonstrating your compliance with DORA
  • Understanding the context of processing
  • Be prepared to handle incidents
  • Training you with the regulation
  • Keeping you up to date with industry news