Data mapping as service

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), records of processing activities (Article 30) are mandatory

  • For all organisations: for regular processing activities
  • For organisations with over 250 staff: for all processing activities 

Such records play a key part in the demonstration of compliance (accountability).

Bizoneo Professional Services assist organisations mapping the workflow of personal data:

  • Asset
  • Data processors
  • Location
  • Stakeholders
  • Data flows
  • Gap analysis

Why choose the Bizoneo Professional Services team?

  • Thirty years experience handling data protection related projects
  • Ability to combine project management, business analysis & compliance assessment
  • In-depth understanding of the requirements of the GDPR

Who do we work with?

  • Software companies that want to ensure their solution will not jeopardise GDPR compliance.
  • Web platforms that want to ensure their websites don't break EU law.
  • Lawyers that need assistance at compliance and/or technical levels 
  • Data protection officers that need assistance at compliance and/or technical levels 
  • Data controllers that want to ensure their processes comply with the GDPR
  • Data processors that want to ensure their processes comply with the data processing agreements signed with data controllers 

Sample process

  • We discuss the processing activities or the systems that needs to be assessed
  • We work with your business, technical team and data protection officer to help you document the compliance
  • You can follow the process in all transparency through the Bizoneo GDPR-GRC platform