Training management & knowledge assessment

GDRP - EUIDPR: Many breaches occur due to human error. Privacy and data-protection legislation require that people are adequately trained to handle personal data. This often introduces a cultural change for organisations: staff and contractor training on internal policies and data protection matters.

ISMS - PIMS: Standards and frameworks require persons doing work that affects the information security performance to be competent on the basis of appropriate education or training (ISO27001 Clause 7.2, NIST CSF PR.AT, PCI-DSS 12.6).

Using Bizoneo, our client acknowledge that it contributes significantly to the planning and demonstration of the training effort.

Key features

Training Scheduler

  • Training scheduler to ease the planning;
  • Ability to specify mandatory training;
  • Recurring mandatory training;

Policy & Procedure training management

  • The policies can be shared as training material;
  • Upon reading the policy, staff can acknowledge reading the policy with an electronic signature;

Training material

  • Easy to read legislations and regulations such as the GDPR, POPI; and several EU data protection act
  • Ability to load your training material;
  • Ability to load video content;
  • Questionnaire builder to set your self assessment questionnaires;

Self assessment

  • Staff can take self assessments of their knowledge;
  • Ability to load your own training assessment questions;
  • Ability for a manager or a data protection officer to review the training assessments;

Training management beyond GDPR and data-protection

  • Ability to manage any type of training

General training management features

  • Comprehensive training records including the detailed results of the assessments;
  • Training reports;
  • Set access rights;
  • Ability to export in Word/PDF.

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