Providing solutions to assist your ISMS & PIMS

We provide scalable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive solutions to assist any organisation in implementing and managing their ISMS (Information Security Management System) or PIMS (Privacy Information Management System). 

Especially for smaller companies, management systems bear the challenge to avoid documentation overhead and overcomplicated procedures. Bizoneo is designed to ease the collaboration within the organisation. Implementing Bizoneo helps you to operate information security and privacy management systems efficiently and save time handling your obligations.

Bizoneo not only includes solutions to fulfill the requirements of multiple standards, but various functionalities to enforce relevant policies (e.g. Information Classification, Data Disposal Register).

We support ISO27001, 27701, NIST, PCIDSS etc.

Establish & Implement

  • Create mandatory documentation;
  • Document your assets;
  • Evaluate the risks associated;
  • Implement controls to reduce the risks
Programme Management Policy & Document Management Asset Register Risk Register

Operate & Maintain

  • Vendor management;
  • Manage your training requirements;
  • Manage your controls;
  • Maintain controls with Bizoneo modules
Agreements & Contracts Training Management Control Management Data Disposal Register

Evaluate & Improve

  • Handle incidents;
  • Complement DORA, NIS2, GDPR, POPIA etc;
  • Monitor controls & ISMS performance;
  • Handle audits and non-conformities
Incident and Breach Reporting Performance evaluation Register of non-conformities Audits
Bizoneo for ISMS and PIMS