Providing solutions for Corporates, SMEs, Public Sector and DPOs in the Caribbeans'

We provide scalable, easy-to-use and comprehensive solutions to assist any organisation in demonstrating their compliance with Data-Protection legislations (Jamaica, Barbados, Caiman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago etc).

Bizoneo is designed to ease the collaboration within the organisation. Implementing Bizoneo means that data-protection becomes business as usual from the minute your organisation starts using it.

Organisations that care about data protection must take these actions:

Be Proactive... be compliant

  • Document the data processed;
  • Evaluate the risks associated;
  • Mitigate to reduce the risks;
Records of Processing Digital Asset Register Policy & Document Management Risk Assessment Risks & DPIA

Be Organised... handle routine tasks

  • Data processing agreements;
  • Policy reviews & staff training;
  • Data disposal;
Agreements & Contracts Training Management Data Disposal Register Reference Material

Be Ready...

...for the unexpected

  • Handle incident and data-breach;
  • Handle requests from Data-Subjects;
  • Handle data protection audits;
Data Subject Access Requests Incident and Breach Reporting Register of Processing Activities